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Creative Playroom Decor

Decorating the playroom can be a lot of fun. You can use crazy patterns and colors that you normally wouldn’t consider for a normal bedroom or other room in your home. The playroom can be a fun place for the whole family to get involved. Tap your inner creativity and create a playroom that you, your children, and your whole family can enjoy.

Kids and parents love it when they have a playroom that is organized and fun. It’s not much fun to dig through endless toy boxes trying to find the pieces to your toys and games. This is why the number one job of creating a fun playroom is to get organized. You will want to do this before you paint or make any other plans, because what you decide is best may need to be included in the painting or worked around in some way.

If you have a large playroom, you’re in luck. But, even small playrooms can be super organized. It is easier to keep a playroom organized that is divided into play areas, or sections. How you divide is up to you. You can have each child’s toys in certain areas with a community area in the center. You can have developmental toys in one station, arts and crafts in another, a reading center in another area, and computer games in another section. Dividing the room up helps avoid the dreaded mountain of every piece of every toy in the house.

Create physical barrier for each section of the room if you can. A hanging canopy on a hoop can seclude a reading section. A tent can be a fun retreat and place for storing stuffed animals and having sleepovers. A low, double-sided bookcase makes a good divider that is great for storing games and buckets of toys. Tables that store craft supplies and puzzles in the center keep these items from getting mixed up with everything else.

Don’t over-organize and make it too difficult for your children to keep the playroom neat. Instead, create general areas where things go and it will remain a lot more organized than if there is an overwhelming number of buckets and bins in one spot. This makes it too easy for kids to just toss everything in with no regard to what it says on each bucket. Place only a few bins in each area, cut off from other areas and you’ll have more success.

If your kids are bad about just dumping everything that has parts to it, then you may want to adjust the playroom closet to hold things with pieces that you don’t want lost. Kids can earn these items by putting away other items around the room. Make sure there is a clear area for kids to play with board games and other toys with tiny parts.

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To make room in the closet, move any clothing off of the existing shelves and hang them on infant hangers or children’s hangers. Baby hangers will keep the clothes nice and neat while freeing up space for games and toys with pieces. You can put a lock up high if you want to keep children out of this closet so that you don’t have to worry about pieces being lost while they are playing.

Creative Playroom Upgrades

Your child’s playroom should inspire creative play. You can use colors that you normally wouldn’t in your house and it can be a lot of fun creating it. Think about the whole family being able to use the playroom. There can be space and special areas for the whole family to enjoy. Use your creative side to create a play area that your family can enjoy for years to come.

Children get inspired to play when everything is organized and inviting. No one wants to dig through a deep toy box trying to find something to do. If organized well, toys with parts and games with pieces should stay organized and be easy to access when you want them.

Keep children’s toys on their level. Low shelving, like you may see in a preschool or church Sunday school room is great for small children. Section off different areas so that like-items stay together. You can have a reading corner, game area, arts and crafts area, cars and trucks section, building area, and more. Keeping games together, blocks together, and other like-items in common areas makes cleaning much easier. It’s difficult to stay organized if everything with different parts is always getting mixed up. If you only have to separate game pieces, then organizing your games is easier.

If possible, set up physical dividers for each play area. Shelves that jut out into the room can help to keep video games separate from building blocks, and so on. You can hang curtains to create a quiet, private reading area. A pop-up tent is a great place to keep stuffed animals and other soft things that need a large amount of storage. Tables are perfect for art or board games. Install a cabinet at one end of the table and you have good storage that keeps things used on the table close at hand and easy to put away.

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Using buckets and bins on the shelves will make it easy for children to pull out only what they want when they’re ready to play. They can dump the contents, play for as long as they want, and the pieces are easy to toss back in and place back in their spot on the shelves. Take photos to label shelves and buckets so that it’s easy for little ones to visually see what goes where.

If your playroom has a closet, you can use it to store things that are choking hazards for little ones, or to keep things that are hard to clean up. Games with very small parts that aren’t used very often can go into the closet. You can also use the closet to store out of season clothing and other toys that you want to rotate out. Rotating your toy inventory can help you to keep the room from looking cluttered and also keep your kids interested in their toys for longer. Use baby hangers, infant hangers, and children’s hangers for all of your kids’ clothing so that there is plenty of room for shelving, large toys, or other storage items in the closet. Because kids’ clothes are so short, you may want to install a shelf about four feet up in the closet for extra storage. You can staple or nail a blanket or towels from this shelf to create a fun hide-away area for kids to play in. Use your imagination and your playroom will quickly become your kids’ favorite area in the house.

Decorating Ideas For Playrooms

A child’s playroom should be a room in the house where a child can have fun and enjoy having their own space. Most parents love that they can get their child’s toys out of sight and into one room, but that doesn’t mean that the playroom should not have functional decorating. Here are some great ideas for decorating a playroom that is perfect for a child and also functional for the parents.

Have Plenty of Storage Options

If you want the playroom to stay neat as possible, then you need to have plenty of storage options. This way everything in the room has a proper place. You need organization and storage so that your child’s playroom doesn’t end up looking like a tornado blew through it every day.

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Storage can come from furniture pieces as well as things like plastic bins and shelving units on the wall. Make sure that all small items such as puzzles, art supplies and small toys have individual baskets or bins to be stored in.

Make the Playroom Room Durable

You don’t want to put your favorite piece of furniture in a child’s playroom unless you want to get it broken. Children, even girls, tend to be rough on furniture and other decorating items. Some ways that you can keep the room durable is to keep the décor items simple.

Plastic bins and baskets can serve as storage as well as decorations for the room. Rugs should be easy to clean as well as darker colors and patterns to hide stains.

Keep Play Areas Safe for Your Kids

Make sure that any bookshelves, dressers, or desks are bolted on the wall to prevent them from falling on a climbing child. If possible, only use children’s size furniture as too tall of furniture can be unsafe for younger children. Keep all small toys and art supplies up high where small children can’t reach them.

Make sure that if you have a baby or toddler that you have it baby proofed such as placing covers on all the outlets and not having any hanging blind cords from the windows.

Let Your Child Have a Say in the Playroom

Your child is going to enjoy their playroom much more if they have a say in what it looks like. Ask their opinion on things such as the color of the walls or what color carpet they want. Your child may also want a themed playroom, which can easily be done with simple things like stencils and stick-ons added to the walls.

If you child doesn’t like the look of the playroom or is mad because it is not what they wanted, they are going to be less likely to want to play in the room and keep it clean. Allow your child to have some say in the décor and items in the room to a certain degree.

A playroom should be a child’s favorite place in the house. It gives them a chance to be independent while being able to be creative and have fun in their own space. Decorating a playroom can be simple and inexpensive if you follow these decorating ideas.

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