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Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime Add Sparkle Garden

People who have a backyard know how difficult it can get to arrange a family dinner in a garden that is not properly lit. Garden lighting are without doubt, very important. You will hardly find a person who does not wish to spend some time of the wonderful summer evening in his/her garden.

It is always great to hold barbeque evenings in your garden with your friends and family, or play soccer with your teenage kid, or may be just enjoy the evening there with a hot cup of coffee in winters. However, don’t you think all this can only be possible with adequate lighting in your garden? Of course, yes, without lighting your garden can look a way too scary. However, why haven’t you still made up your mind about installing the garden lighting?

Garden lighting can give an altogether new charm to your garden that will sparkle and create a romantic ambience right in your backyard. There are a number of different types of lighting that can be used to light up the garden. The most typical one is the down lighting however, there is virtually no end to your passion and imagination. You can install underwater lighting in your garden pond to give an allusion of dazzling water with thousand stars floating on it.

Moreover, you can use some pointing lights as well in your garden for highlighting the darker areas, or the areas you want to accentuate. For instance, you can always use such lights near a tree, artificial waterfalls, pond etc, as they will give a dreamy look with sparkling tree or pond as the case may be, in the backdrop of relatively dark surrounding. Apart from this, the path lighting also looks fabulous as it helps in illuminating the sidewalks, walkways, driveways, etc.

Lighting up your garden is not just meant to beautify your garden and help you in arranging the family get-togethers, but it is also inevitable to ensure you safety. A well-lit garden can thwart a burglary, or any other criminal activity in and around your home. In case, you inhabit in a more criminal prone area, you may need to install the lighting with motion sensor features, this can further help you feel safe, and secure. The best part is lighting up your garden isn’t really expensive. However, to go for more cost-effective way, you can always opt for the solar lighting, which cannot only save you of the strangling wires in the garden, caused by conventional wired-lighting, but is environment friendly as well.

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Butterfly Garden – Accessorize With Flying Jewels

When you want to dress up an outfit you usually add jewelry, something that sparkles and draws the eye, something to enhance the beauty already there. That’s exactly what butterflies do for your garden.
Drawing butterflies to your garden is not difficult at all. It’s as simple as providing the type of environment they need.

Temperature: Butterflies favorite temps are between 75 degrees F and 90 degrees F so a very sunny location is ideal for Midwestern gardeners. A location that is not too windy is also helpful with shrubs or plants nearby for shelter, protection or cooling off when necessary.

Hosting and Feeding: Butterflies need a place to lay their eggs, feed their young and feed themselves. Most of the plants I read about for hosting the larvae (caterpillars) were in the grass or weed category. I’m not willing to plant those in my garden and not crazy about the larvae feeding on my plants, but I might think twice about pulling every weed down along the fence line or under the bushes. (Any excuse will do!) Regardless the butterflies do come to my garden and the plants they enjoy the most are by far the Purple Coneflowers. They also enjoy the Bee Balm, Veronica and the Cosmos. Other plants butterflies enjoy are Aster, Yarrow, Black-eyed Susan, Zinnia, Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Weed, Verbena, Marigold and Joe Pye Weed.

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Water: Just like birds and animals, butterflies need water. Shallow sources are the best. A mud puddle, water filled saucer or even a pail filled with sand and kept moist are easy ways to provide the hydration they need. It is not uncommon to see a gathering of male butterflies on the edge of a puddle…a behavior called “pooling”.

Other Tips: A flat rock in a sunny spot provides a place for butterflies to rest and sometimes “warm up”. Pesticides are dangerous for this beneficial insect and should be avoided if possible. Using organic alternatives is best.

So next time you are out in the garden look around and see what easy changes you can make to accessorize your garden. A few “flying jewels” will add sparkle and delight!

Supplementing Water Features in Balcony Garden

Balconies are the vital additions to your homes, and those how have one perhaps know the importance of having a balcony in their home. But you have often observed that many people owning a house with having a terrace or balcony don’t pay much attention to it. For them balcony is nothing more than a limited space area with no usage. In fact they are unaware of the importance of this short space, which can bring life into the atmosphere of their homes with little effort and planning.

Although, balconies are limited in space and have very less space to think about adding some features to it, still there are number of ways through which you can make your balcony ideal for balcony garden with certain features like lighting, planting, hot tubs or spas and of course water features. Along with all other arrangements, an addition of water feature in your balcony will give it a life and sparkling theme. What is required on your behalf is to take its limitations into consideration carefully and adapt your conception accordingly.

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Considering the Weight

The only major problem you come across while supplementing a water feature into your balcony garden is weight. The estimated weight of water excluding container is about 4.5 kg (10 lb) for every 4.5 liters (1 gallon). Remember this is the weight of water only and if we add the weight of container it will increase further, which can be dangerous. However, a small water feature can be helpful in this regard with a head sprouting water into a small bowl fixed to the back wall of the balcony. You can also incorporate a plastic liner faced, small raised pool in the middle of your built in features, usually matching like brick, timber or tiles. An inclusion of water pump can simply give a humble fountain effect in your balcony. On the other hand you can add preformed lightweight fiberglass pool as well.

You can make things even simpler for you by making use of old half barrel or any waterproof plant container, such as plastic trough, glazed terracotta, or stone urn to build a miniature pool for your balcony garden. Make sure that whatever you have selected is big enough to accommodate one or two water lilies, or a small fish or bubble fountain would be ideal.

Moving Water Features

Moving water features, though small in size can also produce a sparkling effect. A water feature operated by an electric pump united with a hidden water reservoir for recycling are best for limited space and more importantly lightweight. Rock, pebbles, metal ball or a wall mounted ornament can be used for cascade. Many free standing water features, such as sculptures, urns and fountains are also available. One thing you need to keep in mind with any sort of water feature is to have a proper size pool or reservoir to avoid splashing or spilling, which can damage to your balcony.

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