Slim Christmas Trees Make the Small Area Festive
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Slim Christmas Trees Make the Small Area Festive

Christmas season is the time of the year where we tend to decorate our homes in the most dramatic fashion. I would say that Halloween comes in close behind, but people tend to really go crazy with welcoming the snow and hot cocoa. With all the decorations around the house, you might find it difficult to fit in a Christmas tree. They tend to be too wide and then drop needles everywhere when trying to get it through the front door. If you’re tight on space, don’t fill your home with deco to the point where you can’t get around! An artificial Christmas tree is the perfect holiday addition without the added clutter. These trees are perfect for small homes, offices and apartments!

The best thing about a slim Christmas tree is that it can fit in just about any area of your home or office without taking up too much space. After all, our homes, and sometimes our offices, are usually so decked out with so many decorations that there is hardly room left for us to move around. Some Christmas supply companies offer these trees that have a narrow diameter while still providing a traditional shape. A realistic slim artificial Christmas tree uses a smaller amount of floor space but it’s so realistic that it won’t look like you squeezed it in. You can decorate just as you would a normal-sized tree.

Another great thing about the artificial tree is that you won’t have to worry about picking up pine needles all of December. The artificial needles stay green and fresh looking year after year! It’s so easy to assemble because it comes in 3 separate sections that easily connect for set up, and come apart easy for storage. If you want to save on the hassle, a lot of slim trees come pre-lit.

When you compare the slim artificial Christmas Tree to a real Tree you can begin to see the many advantages that the artificial Christmas Tree can bring to your holiday enjoyment. Not only does the artificial tree take up less room in your home or office, it also will save you money over the long-run. Many of these trees can be purchased for less than $100, and some are even less than $50, and this is a one-time expense. So, instead of spending $25 to $50 on a live tree, with all the hassle of the after Christmas clean-up, consider the advantages of buying an artificial tree that looks realistic, is designed to fit in those small spaces and will last for many, many years with just a little bit of thoughtful care.

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Artificial Christmas Trees Buying Guides

If you’re trying to save time this year during the hectic Christmas season, you may be rethinking the quaint but unwieldy custom of getting a real Christmas tree. There are plenty of great reasons now to opt for a synthetic tree, not the least of which is saving gas and avoiding the blustery temperatures outside. If you just are tired of pricking your fingers and picking up stray pine needles off the floor, then getting an artificial tree can save you lots of time, money, and aggravation from
year to year.


Artificial christmas trees have become more sophisticated over the years. Some are made to look as much like the real thing as the ones you find in the Christmas tree lots. These include mimics of the Alaska Fir, the Norway Spruce, the California Cedar, and even the Montana Pine amongst many others. But, in addition, there are those that have a designer look that a real tree can’t provide. Maybe you want an all-white tree or a tree with many colored optical fibers. The sizes can vary to accommodate any ceiling height, which makes it convenient if you are trying to put one in a 9 foot foyer or frame it in your bay window. You can get them with or without lights, with pre-lit trees that come in many colors too.

When you are looking for a synthetic tree, there are many considerations on quality that need to be taken into account. There is the sturdiness of the tree itself and the stand. You want to make sure that the branches and lights are dense enough so that the tree appears full and well-lighted. With a prefabricated tree, you will have to assemble it, so ease of assembly is important too. If you
want stands and trees that are more durable, you might want to choose metal ones. They are also safer than the lighter plastic models which can tip over precariously without notice. Make sure your tree is made of high-quality materials, from the structure, to the stand, to the branches. It will affect the way the tree looks and how long it lasts too. Lighting is important too. You want lights that are UL rated for safety. That should include burn-out protection in that if one light fails the rest will remain lighted. You will want to keep a nice ratio of lighting to tree branches throughout the height of the tree. If you really want ease of assembly, seek out the hinged branch construction Christmas trees. They are easier to install than their hook-in branch cousins.

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For the accessories, you will want to get christmas ornaments, and a christmas tree skirt. Safety is an issue that can be addressed with power strip/surge protectors for the lightig needs. You will also need to get some tree storage bags or boxes to help protect your purchase when it is off-season. Stands come with most artificial trees.

A high quality tree can last as much as a decade, sometimes more. Trees often come with warranties too. The warranties for the tree are usually more extensive than those for the lighting. If you were to add up how much it costs to get an artificial tree versus a real one, you will find that you end up saving a lot of money over the years.

Of course, some people like that fresh-cut fir smell in their living rooms. Well, you can still have that with an artificial tree if you buy plug-in tree fragrance kits. There’s no reason you have to sacrifice the nice smell just because you want to buy a prefabricated tree.


You will have to have a good idea of where you plan on putting your tree before you go out and purchase it. You want to measure the ceiling height and floor space to get one that looks good in the space while not overwhelming it entirely.

A good rule of thumb is to get a tree that is a .5 foot less than your ceiling height. For an 8 foot ceiling, a 7.0 foot to 7.5 foot tree would look best. Cathedral ceilings obviously require taller trees.

The width of a tree can vary according to personal preference. Some people like slim trees, and others prefer a full tree. Another good rule of thumb for the width is to get a tree that has a height of about twice the width. You can tweak the ratio from there to make sure the tree looks good in your space.

Why Hire a Christmas Tree Display?

Christmas is usually a very busy time of year and for most businesses it is very important to get everything organised in advance in order to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. As a business owner or building manager it may fall to you to ensure that your office building, hotel or showroom are decorated to suit the season but with so much to get organised where do you start?

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One of the most essential and recognizable decorations or symbols related to Christmas is the Christmas tree and for many centuries now the Christmas tree display has been the focal point of most Christmas celebrations. Many of us take a great deal of pride in our Christmas tree displays in our homes and the process of decorating the tree has become a regular Yule tide activity.

The history of Christmas trees and why we decorate them has a very long and varied history but most historians date the first Christmas tree displays back to Germany in the early 7th century. Over the years there have been many trends and crazes in relation to the types and themes of Christmas tree decorations.

One of the most popular decorations over time was Tinsel, which was invented in Germany in 1610 and at the time was made out of real silver threads. Whilst tinsel still remains popular today alongside electronic flashing lights, baubles, traditional wooden toys and the classic stars and angels which take pride of place on the top of the tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree display in the office however is often just hard work, with the run up to Christmas bringing mountains more paperwork and additional work to clear before the company shuts down for a Christmas break, there is not always enough time to get your Christmas tree display organised.

Getting your Christmas tree just right often takes longer than you might think not to mention having to take it all back down again when the office re-opens in the New Year. In circumstances such as this it is well worth considering hiring a Christmas tree display from a professional interior landscaping company.

Hiring your Christmas tree and other decorations may seem like another expense but in actual fact it can save you a great deal of time and will leave you with a beautiful display to rival the Christmas displays in the surrounding offices. It also means that you will have more time to concentrate on the important Christmas celebrations such as the office Christmas party and the eggnog.

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